Thursday, December 15, 2016

A shade paler

I think i have become a shade paler.
All that made me, me,  seems to have lost a tinge.
Dropped a note.
Lost a symbol.

My strengths there were aplenty.
I felt I could touch the sky.
I pushed my people to believe and fly.
And then - my flight was stopped...

All I did made no difference.
I wasn't like the others they said.
I didn't want to be like the others!
I was me, why should I be the other?
I wasn't like the others they said

I lost my color, my drive.
I stopped pushing my people to excel.
I didn't want to be a role model who got it all wrong.

They are looking for clones.
But me - I'm looking for me...

My colors have faded.
My mind is uneasy.
Was all this a lie?
Will the truth not emerge?
Will I find me and what my destiny is?