Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Samjhauta Express Blasts

Another bomb blast...another security lapse...another headline...another news story.
But this was not just another bomb blast...This was a blast on a train which carries people across two countries. The Samjhauta express is a link for the people of two nations joined by a lot more than history and border lines.
Though most of us are screaming that it is a huge security lapse, and what were the officials doing, I think what is more important is for each one of us to take responsibility. Each time you think that you can travel ticket less, and when caught pay a bribe of Rs. 50 to get away, that very moment you become as much responsible for killing this country. I agree that the government has a huge role to play and so do the authorities. But what about the time when people get annoyed because they are being frisked for security when they enter a station or a mall? Why should we not live responsibly? Why are we never alert, never responsible? Why does it happen that it feels easier to jump a red light than to wait for your turn? Why is it easier to skip the queue and try the 'backdoor' method each time - be it movie tickets, train tickets, or even buying milk at the local store?
Many will think that what is the connection between jumping red lights or buying milk and the bomb blasts. But there is, there most definitely is a connection.
Only when people become more responsible and stop pointing fingers at others will things change for India. Only when you stand up for that what is right, no matter how trivial, will 'big disasters' like bomb blasts not be a regular part of our lives. THINK.