Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I won't see this till the next season

Here is more from a person who is dreading the approaching summer in Delhi and is mourning the beautiful winter days gone by...

These are a few of the things that I will not see or feel when summer is here. :).

When the cold wind makes me gasp for breath
Cold, cold fingers even when holding a hot glass of tea
Fitting into your sports shoes with two pairs of socks
Lovely, warm-colored socks a-plenty
Walking barefoot on the namdaa carpet
Feeling the cold water splash on your face and just take away all the heat in a second!
Smart, well-dressed men in exquisite cuts of midnight blue pin-striped suits
Long coated, open-haired, smartly-turned out women with the quintessential high boots
(PS: Very much the fashion flavor this time in Delhi. The height of the boots varied ...)
Pakoras and chai every evening!
Chanel's Eternity
Lakme's starshine gloss
European checks woollen mufflers in beige and black and grey
Silken stoles in lavender and wine red and dark blue

Do share yours.