Wednesday, December 17, 2014

16 Dec 2014

Where did so much hate come from? How did people become this? Who sowed these seeds of violence? What kind of religion is this? Will there ever be innocence – unharmed, untinged with darkness and blood?

They killed innocent lives, young children…and for what? To take revenge? To extinguish their very breath because they were living a normal life? Studying to become something? In a school to learn, play, grow, love…


Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Once again…Rape…makes it to the headlines and we fume and fret and offer our opinion and judgment. Once again, no real action will take place. No case will be put up, nothing will happen to the accused. Yes, he’s been caught. Yes, he’s been put behind the bars. So?!
He has already been there and done that before. This person was sent to the prison earlier too on the same account. Raping is like a hobby for him; he rapes, goes to jail, serves a short sentence, is out on bail and back at pursuing his hobby. How convenient?!
And the girls – they dare to hail cans at night, they dare to step out at night, they dare to wear short clothes, they dare to work and have fun --- in the night. They dare to exist!!! That seems to be the crux of the matter…that WE EXIST!
There is no law, no shame for the guilty. The women are the ones to be judged again and again. Their very fault being that that they have two X chromosomes. They have a body structure and shape that is provocative. They happen to be. They exist. And if that wasn't enough, they actually attempt to live! What blasphemy! You exist and isn't that enough burden on the earth, on mankind, on the whole of the human population. On top of that, you want to live a life free of responsibilities! You damned creature – You dare to live and breathe and feel that you can have a life.
Scene 1 – The woman goes out for a movie with her friend, who has a Y chromosome. Now, read that again, SHE goes out with a human being for a movie in the NIGHT. Natural and obvious reaction – she is not only inviting trouble but initiating it. She NEEDS TO BE RAPED!! KILLED BUT NOT COMPLETELY!! BREAK HER SPIRIT
Scene 2 – The woman has chosen to work in a call center that operates in the up and coming city far away from home, she talks and laughs and wears clothes which are not Indian. She is raped. But of course!
Scene 3 – The woman after a day filled with meetings and deliverables and calls takes a cab to get home, she is tired and dozes off. She is asking for it by not being alert, how can she be so casual as to go to sleep in a cab! She MUST BE LOOKING FOR RAPE!
Scene 4 The woman is at her house and is wearing a saree and the man who has come to collect the dues is provoked. RAPE!!
All this and yet again, she dares to ask for freedom for a choice of life for the most basic human right….not even to be treated special, just to be left to be able to live!!
So, the mistake is that women exist that they dare to live and breathe in the same air that the men breathe!!!
And we stay quiet, we discuss it over coffee and think – it will run its due course.
Why aren't more people angry about this? Why are women even saying that the woman should have been on alert?
Isn't this my country? Don’t I vote? Don’t I pay taxes? Don’t I exist? How come nothing ever is done for me….why do we give a fair trial to even those who have done the crime and everyone knows it! They should get a fair trial for human rights? What about my human rights? You have taken away my sense of peace my freedom, my way of life and I am at fault!!!!!!
Save the girl child… says the campaign. Just like we were fish or cattle or the forest….and need to be saved so that someday when we grow up someone can get the chance to rape us and get away with it! Save us indeed!!! Save us for later when you can ill-treat us and gloat on the degrees of ill treatment!!
All these crimes just keep on increasing. Every month, every year, we are just statistics. And the world moves on! We rant and rave and scream and cry and demonstrate and … then, go quiet. No explosion gets us an answer, maybe an implosion will. A collective implosion…
At times I wonder if all these incidents continue and happen each single day so that eventually women will give up, will give in, will wilt and accept their fate. And then there will be none…
And that thought makes me angry….howling mad inside me, an anger which does not go away even when I scream my lungs out, an anger so potent that it will burn down anything just by a breath. It is this anger that I feel. I’ll be damned if I follow your rules, if I get cowed down, if I give in. I will live my life the way I want to – you want me to end it, I won’t. You want me to stop existing, I won’t. You want to break me, you cannot. I will continue to live on and stare at you with the unspoken anger inside me which one day will cause your end. I will prevail. You cannot kill me, you cannot harm me. NO – YOU DON’T MATTER TO ME NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY TO HURT ME, YOU CAN NEVER GET TO ME. I AM. I WILL BE.

I stand for R.A.P.E - Rage Against the Perpetual Emasculation

Emasculation = Loss of power and masculinity

If a man is not man enough, and a woman is nothing, there is no further evidence needed for a society which is castrated/emasculated.