Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nouvelle langue

Well, it has been quite a week or was it weeks that all that seems to be having in my world is deadlines, fixes, and making sense of language. In the midst of all this "excitement" that the work I do provides, I think what tops the list is the new words one keeps hearing and the new -isms. Well here are a few rare gems:

  • "We should stop creating page turners."
    If only somebody would enlighten me or else the world out there in the Content Solutions world that a page turner is supposed to be all good..yeahh...all good. When something is a page turner, it means it is so engrossing that you have to keep turning pages to read on and find more. But, alas, the new-age IDeas of the janpath scoff at any such meanings. For them a page-turner is a No No No (now I'm singing...).
  • "Language is a no-brainer."
    My apologies but I rest my case after having said as much as I could about the creators of page-turners...

I will be back...:-)